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Understanding Dental Implants

Thanks to a lot of awareness creation, people are paying attention to the need for dental care treatment and their general oral health. Tooth decay and gum disease still continue to be common oral health problems even in the modern day when many advancements have been made. In the past, dentures and bridges have been used to fix broken tooth, missing tooth and those removed through surgery.

As a patient with the same problems today you will be offered dental implants and root canal procedures. If you are having artificial teeth installed the dental implant could support one or more teeth. The implant is simply a titanium screw that is made of titanium that is put in the jawbone where the root of the removed tooth was. It provides a foundation for the artificial tooth to be installed. You can have removable or permanent teeth installed on the implant. You will realize that the artificial teeth are very similar to the natural teeth.

Dental implants have a lot of pros. Dental implants are comfortable in comparison to dentures which might cause some discomfort with the removal and fixing . Dental implants offer you back your chewing power and make it easy for you to chew food, dentures with time will tend to fall out because they can be less fitting. You get to have good general oral health, the implants don’t need the rest of the natural teeth to be adjusted which means they are not altered. Dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, in a way it’s like getting back your natural teeth back.

Dentures are not as firm as implants and speech may be affected by that person compared to someone with firm and teeth like artificial implants. Dentures have to be removed on a daily basis and cleaned but with implants you get to live like you have all natural teeth. Step one will involve the dental plate being placed into the gum. Upon healing the dental implant will be exposed by surgically removing some part of the gum.

The dentist will then proceed to step two where they drill through the gum to place an abutment . The third step will be fabricating and installation of the prosthetic tooth to the implant that has successfully integrated. Step one and two can be done the same day with little intervals for some patients while others will require to take a couple of days or even weeks apart, that decision will be made by the surgeon in regard to the health of the patient.

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