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Singing Bowls And How You Use Them

There are really mind blowing and different uses when it comes to the singing bowls. You will know their efficacy on their purpose and how you will be using them. And the most common purpose and use of these singing bowls is to heal the body and mind.

The singing bowls are made of a set of alloy metals that will correspond to the seven chakras that are known to open the energy the blocked energy of a certain chakra in order to treat a condition. That is why the singing bowl that is made up of ally must be placed on the part of the body that will need some healing and then will be struck. A certain chakra will be opened by the resonance that will be traveling on the cells of the body.

There are actually a number of different ways that you can use singing bowls aside from the most common healing of the mind and body. You can also charge up an object or emotion with the use of a singing bowl. A great medium to transfer energy is through sound and you can use different metals that are strong in a lot of ways. There are some ancient tribes that would use singing bowls in the past to transfer strong intentions. The singing bowls can also be used in order to transfer wishes, emotions, and thoughts, in addition to transferring energies using sound which is a strong medium.

If you want to transfer your wishes, all you need to do is to write it on a piece of paper and place it inside the singing bowls. A lot of people believed that the wishes will be charged up and will have a great chance of coming true.

There are also some people that would be healing a person by placing a picture of the person inside the singing bowls. Once the singing bowl will be struck, the resonance will be charging up the picture. For this to happen, certain types of metals will be used and that will be depending on what type of the body will require some healing. If the heart will be needing some healing for example, the picture of the person that needs healing will be placed in a singing bowl that will be made of copper. And you will need to strike the singing bowl in a certain way. The picture will still be charged even if the person will not be there during that moment. The picture will be charged up with the enough energy that will come from the striking of the singing bowl made of copper.

The good thing about this method is that no one can misuse this way of using the singing bowl. The energy that is blocked on any chakra will really provide great benefits to the person that is looking for some treatment.

Interestingly, this can also be used astrologically! If Venus is badly placed in the horoscope or is debilitated, a copper bowl can be filled with clean water and then made to resonate. This way, the water gets charged. When this water is immediately consumed by the person, it is believed that a badly placed Venus in the horoscope gets strength. A word of caution though- it is advisable that these healing methods are best left to experts.

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