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Guide to Fingerprinting Background Checks

If you are a business owner, you would naturally conduct a regular background check on your prospective employees. Companies will only hire those people who have a clean background. But this would mean that these potential employees have no criminal history. Or they have proof of legal immigration or have proof of good financial status. Before you are hired for any kind of job position, you need to present proof of your credibility and integrity. A criminal history background report or a police arrest record is what most employees require for their job applicants. If a person has no criminal or arrest records or when his background is clean, he will still need to get proof that no such records exist.

When a person is arrested, in most state, that person is taken to the local police station before he is presented to a judge for the review of his case. In this processing part, the accused will have his fingerprints and photographs taken. No two people in the whole world have the same fingerprints. Even if a person wishes to disguise everything about him, his fingerprints will still find him out. This shows the importance of fingerprints and why they are taken.

It is very simple to acquire your police report. You only have to fill out an application called the Criminal Justice Information System or the CJIS Application for Criminal History report which is called the orange card. Employers who want to hire the FBI to do a national background check on someone should also file an application form. Then he takes the cards to an agency to have his fingerprints taken. Police somehow no longer offer the fingerprinting services to the general public so they have to get their fingerprints from a licensed fingerprinting service.

Not everyone’s fingerprint is kept by the government. Arrested people’s fingerprints and people who are working in sensitive government offices are the only ones with filed fingerprints. Your orange card is destroyed after your fingerprints are taken for background check. They cannot store your prints according to the law. This means that you have to go through this background check again if you decide to have a new job in the future. This is due to the reality that after the background check, a person can still commit a crime.

If you need fingerprinting services for your FBI background check, then it is possible to find these offering this service and many other fingerprinting services. Find fingerprinting services today that can provide the proof of your clean background for your employment.

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